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SAP Nasal Cream 4 units ( Family Pack)

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(Your Personal Protective Shield)
Helps prevent/curtail frequency & intensity of Asthma, Common cold, Flu, Sinusitis, Dust
allergy, Seasonal Allergic Airways and also helps prevent / minimize hazardous effects of Air
Pollution & Airborne cross infections.
Active Ingredients:
• Aloe vera
• Ocimum sanctum
• Albizia lebbeck
• Clerodendrum serratum
• Glycerrhiza glabra
Mode of Action:
• Assists natural defense mechanism of the nose
• Keeps nasal passages moist
• Helps filter particulate matter
• Creates a positive atmosphere
. Ionic action
• Anti-inflammatory
• Bronchodilator
• Anti-allergic
Useful For / In:
. A necessity for women, children especially school-going, elderly, and people suffering from
frequent attacks of common cold, flu, allergic airways, asthma, sinusitis, dust allergy, seasonal
changes, etc.
• A boon to Frontline Warriors – Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, sanitation, Police staff as they are
the most exposed people to Airborne Cross Infections and Air Pollution
• A must for the outdoor workforce, people working in construction, industries, mines,
quarries as they are the most vulnerable people affected by Air Pollution.
• An essential for Air, rail, road travelers.
• Finally an indispensable for you , I and everyone as Air Pollution is a global phenomenon and
everyone is affected.
• SAP Nasal Cream gives that extra protection we need to lead a quality life.
Directions for Use:
• A thin smear of cream to be applied gently at the entrances of both nostrils 3 – 4 times a day
or as advised by the Physician. Regular usage is recommended.
• 15 gm Lamitube
• 24 months from the date of manufacture

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2 reviews for SAP Nasal Cream 4 units ( Family Pack)

  1. Abhay Raina

    SAP Nasal Cream, was presented to me by my colleague; since I am a frequent outdoor person he recommended this cream to curtail the effects of pollution that I face on a day-to-day basis. Initially, I was wondering what a cream would do to curtail the effects of pollution, however, I have been using this cream now for almost 2 weeks and have seen a considerable difference in my breathing pattern and quality of air intake, its basically I feel more energized and fresh each day. Now having said that, I strongly recommend the use of this for people who may be suffering from dust allergies as well, this is a great option and a cheaper one to help you with most of your breathing issues.

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