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Brahmosmi Bioceuticals is a research-oriented company engaged in developing innovative & cost-effective Nature’s solutions for non-responsive ailments for the past two decades.

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➢ Spurred by the agony and helplessness of patients suffering from various diseases/ illnesses
and the financial burden associated with it, we thought of bringing out exclusive innovative
cost effective Nature’s solutions that help patients relieved of their unbearable suffering very
fast and that reduce the financial burden drastically. The result is these exclusive health care
products that address some of the commonly affected illnesses.

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➢ Charaka, the compiler or editor of the medical treatise entitled Charaka Samhita, said
“Leaving everything else, look after your body, since in its absence, all its attributes become
➢ Achanta Lakshmipathi, the legendary Modern Medical Doctor turned Ayurvedodharaka,
Bhishagratna, Ayurveda Brihaspati, Pranacharya, and Ayurveda Vachaspati, also echoed
Charaka’s views. He saw Ayurveda not merely as a curative science, but one which teaches
mankind proper ways to live a healthy life, incidentally preventing disease. Ayurveda should
be taught not just to the medical profession, but as seva to preserve life and render society

Research & Development

➢20+ years of unrelenting Research in Allopathy & Ayurveda.

➢ Fusion of Ancient Ayurvedic Sciences & Modern Manufacturing Technologies has been the
main stay of our organisation in unwrapping Nature’s Bliss for Suffering Humanity.
➢ Our exclusive innovative products have been subjected to extensive trials and the results have
been highly encouraging. All the products are standardised and manufactured at WHO/GMP/
FDA certified modern facilities

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