An Ayurvedic Healthcare Company

Brahmosmi Bioceuticals, based out of Hyderabad, India, is a research-oriented company engaged in developing innovative and cost-effective nature’s solutions for non-responsive ailments for the past two decades. 

Brahmosmi Bioceuticals is known for manufacturing and supplying superior integrative medicines and strives to continually improve the bar for complementary therapies. We concentrate on our goal of creating and distributing cutting-edge solutions to lessen the signs and symptoms of specific  disorders. 

The project has been envisaged by Dr Moorthy VN Nidamarthi, a modern medical professional with more than 40 years of vast and rich experience in understanding patients’ healthcare needs, planning, execution and also administration. Under his guidance, the company is growing thanks to his many years of outstanding efforts in this field, where Brahmosmi has emerged as a thriving and prominent business venture.

The Fusion of Ancient Ayurvedic Sciences and Modern Manufacturing Technologies has been the mainstay of the organization. We are committed to providing solutions to ailments through our well-researched Ayurvedic and herbal products.

Brahmosmi Bioceuticals is a prominent PCD pharma firm with the appropriate certifications from the WHO, GMP, and FDA. All of our products are standardized, produced in modern facilities and adhere to international standards at every stage of our production.

We are part of one of the top pharmaceutical franchise businesses in India, where we are backed by a strong and reliable distribution network and an equally qualified pool of experts in charge of research and development. 

Our Products

SAP Nasal Cream

Curtails hazardous effects of Air Pollution & Airborne cross infections...

Drimouth Chewable

Useful for dryness of mouth due to medication,hangover, loss of appetite...

Savfeet Cream

Instant relief in tingling , numbness, burning feet, Sore / fatigued feet & legs...

Ecsori Cream

Suffering from psoriasis, eczema or itchy dry skin? Brahmosmi's ECSORI...

CHF Hair Fluid Gel

Massage a few ml of SAHI hair Gel Regular usage recommended...

Best Heal (First AID)

BEST O HEAL sterile FIRST AID powder at hand will provide instant solution...


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