Are you looking for something for…

Burning feet

Tingling & numbness 


Sore / fatigued feet & legs

Dry , itchy legs and feet 

Plantar fasciitis 

Fissures in heel

People with diabetes , paraesthesia, or even plantar fasciitis often suffer from cracked skin on their feet, diabetic foot ulcers, foot pain, and rough skin on their feet. This can lead to infections and therefore, it is important to take care of the foot at all given times so that one can avoid further complications.

Don’t worry, Brahmosmi Bioceuticals SavFeet is here to help you with all your issues.

This is an ayurvedic/herbal proprietary medicine developed by modern medical and ayurvedic doctors for relieving the effects of peripheral neuropathy and preventing further complications of the feet and legs.

The complex of synergistic ingredients in Savfeet’s Fast Acting Pain Relief and Targeted Results makes it one of the most complete and effective topical pain relief products on the market today.

Feet and legs are the foundation of our body. They are important for living a healthy life. The pressure and movements will not only make our feet ache, but they will also have an impact on our knees, hips, and entire spine.

Savfeet prevents diabetics, people with peripheral neuropathy, smokers, cancer patients, the elderly, people who have been hurt, people with peripheral vascular disease, and people with paralysis from getting ulcers and other foot and leg problems. Relieves – burning sensation, tingling & numbness, pain , paresthesia , itch , allergy , dryness , fatigue , soreness of feet & legs.

SavFeet’s main ingredients comprise of essential oils of Rosemary, Patchouli, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Camphor, Ginger, Celery seed, Tea Tree, Ashwagandha, Aloe vera, Black pepper, and so much more.

This cream will help you with all your leg and foot issues and is anti-inflammatory, soothes neuropathic pain, anti-allergic, anti-itch, moisturises, detoxifies, soothes and softens.SavFeet is an odourless cream applied to your feet to support relief of diabetic, sore, itchy plantar fasciitis, foot & heel pain. The discomfort caused by vitamin deficiencies and excess inflammation is best addressed by the application of savFeet cream.

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